Profesional Profile

Teacher specialize in educational innovation. I have used my hobbies as a springboard to create new educational spaces that develop students' creativity. There’s nothing more exciting than learning about what we’re excited about and there’s nothing more satisfying than teaching what you’re passionate about.

That is why I strive to evolve intellectually so that I can transmit my knowledge and passions to the little ones with a training base that supports me.

Always traveling the universe.

Academic Studies

2012-2016 Degree in Early Childhood Education.

University of Málaga, Spain.

2017-2018 Master in Educational Innovation Policies and Practices.

University of Almería, Spain.

Learned methodologies:

1. Project-based learning (ABP in Spanish)

2. Service-Learning.

3. Montessori.

4. Thinking-based Learning.

5. Project work.

Innovation areas focused:

1. Story Writer.


Metáfora School (Málaga, Spain)

2. Information and Communication Technologies.


Escuela de Organización Industrial (Málaga, Spain)


I would like to start showing my personal projects since I finished my Master in Educational Innovation, as this was the moment when I really realized who I am and what I would like to offer as a human being.

1. Qualitative investigation at the University (2018)

A point of view about teacher and teaching. University of Almería, Spain.

2. How to create a video game? (2020)

An opportunity to learn how to include the videogame in the teaching.

Escuela de Organización Industrial (Málaga, Spain)

3. Publications as a Story Writer (2020-2021)

An opportunity to learn how to improve writing in a creative way.

Metáfora School (Málaga, Spain)

4. Blog writing as a way to offer different topics on story writing (Currently)

An opportunity to learn how to improve writing and include social media in a creative way.